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Seven Tips for Better Posture — for the thinking person
This article is a response to the unfortunately naive approach to posture that typifies our culture; it was part of the effort of the Feldenkrais Guild UK to promote Feldenkrais Awareness Week: 22 - 28 May 2010. Each of the seven tips has been illustrated by a short Awareness Through Movement lesson, downloadable here.
Short lessons in awareness through movement
These are recordings (as mp3 files) of four short lessons, samples from my CD sets. They may be useful as an introduction, so that you can have some idea of what a Feldenkrais lesson is like; or they may be helpful to remind you of work you have done in my classes or individual lessons. To purchase a CD set: CD sets
After a Knee Replacement    pdf file
An application of the Feldenkrais Method®.
An Encounter with Moshe    pdf file
I never met Moshe Feldenkrais, but one day I felt as if I came close. It started me wondering what the Feldenkrais Method was really for.
Exercise Two Ways   pdf file
Is there more than one way to exercise? How can we exercise in order to produce a real change in the way we move? This may be especially useful for understanding how to apply Feldenkrais to the situations of ordinary life.
Are You Sitting Comfortably?   pdf file
A basic discussion of how to sit well, from a Feldenkrais perspective, including movement experiments for you to do yourself. This may give you some sense of how the method works, within the limits of the written word.
RSI & Me   pdf file
About my work with RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), both with myself and with others.
The Meaning of Pain   pdf file
What do we do when we have pain? Our action depends on our interpretation, on what we think the pain means. This article presents a new view of what pain can mean.
The Illusion of Smoothness   pdf file
In sport, in dance and music, and in many other fields of human striving, we often aim for a smoothness of action that can provide a foundation for much that we consider good form: efficient, graceful, even beautiful. How does this relate to anatomy, and to the physiology of exercise?
Caught in the Net   pdf file
Concerning the relationship between the Feldenkrais Method and stretching. A version of this article was published in the program for a week of dance classes, performances and lectures sponsored by Triade, Hamburg, in July 1999. Although it is addressed directly to a dance audience, it may be of wider interest.
Saying Yes   pdf file
An interview with Jonathan Thrift about his work with disabled youngsters. It illustrates a vital aspect of the Feldenkrais Method, but, much more than that, it tells a moving story of communication against strong odds.

articles for Feldenkrais practitioners

In Praise of Homework   pdf file
How can homework help both the practitioner and the student enter into the lesson, as well as providing a unifying link between lessons?
Using Yanai: Making Alexander Yanai Lessons Easier to Teach (and do!)   pdf file
The first time I tried to teach lessons from the Alexander Yanai series in my public classes, I found it difficult verging on impossible. Then suddenly it became much easier — what changed?

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