Scott Clark, Ryan Jansen & associates: Feldenkrais Classes & Lessons in London

individual lessons

Scott & Ryan give individual lessons at
Studio 2, second floor
32-38 Scrutton Street, London EC2A 4RQ
closest tube: Old Street or Liverpool Street Station → map.
Ed gives individual lessons at
Ground floor studio
93 Worship Street, London EC2A 2BW
closest tube: Moorgate or Liverpool Street Station
Lessons last an hour. Please wear clothing that will not restrict your movement. Concessionary rates may occasionally be available; ask the particular practitioner.

Scott Monday & Friday afternoons, and some weekends £100
020 8469 0245
  other times in southeast London:
13 Camellia House, Idonia Street, SE8 4LZ
(5 minutes from New Cross or Deptford Rail Stations)
→ map
Ryan Weekdays, mornings & afternoons £100
07814 911 971
Ed Wednesdays, & Thursday mornings £80
07969 748 974


what happens
in a lesson?

An individual Feldenkrais lesson is a conversation about how you move; a conversation partly in words, but mostly by touch. We start by talking about what you want and what you notice now; and I look to see how the way you are moving may be hindering you.
      But the special part of the lesson happens through touch. I will probably ask you to lie on a low padded table (or sometimes to sit or possibly even stand), fully clothed, while I begin to explore the ways in which you can already move easily and the ways in which you tighten yourself away from ease and comfort.
      We often think that the forces of pain and discomfort in our bodies require equally strong forces to oppose them. But Feldenkrais, like Aikido and some of the other martial arts, sidesteps the negative forces, blends with them, redirects them. So the way I touch you in a lesson starts off by agreeing with you rather than opposing, then redirects your own power and strength into directions that can be useful and effective. This feels at once very gentle but intense — and very relaxing.
      Most of our actions are actions of the whole body. Balance, for instance, isn't something done by your trunk while your arms and head do something else; it's a conspiracy of the whole body. So I usually look at how all of you is involved with what you are doing. In that sense, a lesson really is 'holistic'.
      At the end of the lesson most people feel freer, with improved posture, breathing and flexibility, and a general sense of physical and emotional well-being. We also consider whatever request you made at the beginning, and how that has been answered. I will suggest some ways to make the changes more permanent features of your life, including exercises and things to notice. The entire session takes about an hour; you should wear loose, comfortable clothing.
      The number of lessons you will need depends on the depth of change you want. A back spasm that is recent and new may go away after only a few lessons; patterns that are of longer standing may require a course of perhaps ten sessions; deeper changes may require more. But certainly after one lesson, you will have some idea of what Feldenkrais can offer you. Lessons that are part of a series are usually about a week apart.

Scott:       or phone 020 8469 0245
Ryan:       or phone 07814 911 971