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Feldenkrais classes & lessons in London
applying for the training programme

In October 2020 we began a new four-year professional training, directed by Elizabeth Beringer & Scott Clark. It is now full, but you may use the application below to leave your details for the waiting list; for more information, please email Scott.

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Application Questions (only to think about, at this point.)
  1. Briefly describe your experience with the Feldenkrais Method, including who you have worked with, what courses you have taken, and what interests you about the Feldenkrais Method.
  2. Why do you want to participate in this Feldenkrais Professional Training Programme? Include any information about yourself that you feel is important.
  3. The training programme can be demanding — physically, intellectually & emotionally. Are there any particular challenges you anticipate?
  4. Discuss how you imagine you will apply what you will learn in the training. Do you plan to integrate Feldenkrais into your present profession, use it for personal growth, practice Feldenkrais work with clients? We understand that your goal can change over time.
  5. Briefly describe your academic and professional education.
  6. Briefly describe your employment history.
  7. How else do you spend your time? Other interests? What gives you joy in life?


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